Brittish (wo)Man. A Salute 2 the Roots..

So as im flipping through my newscast on my sidekick3 and thinking about Brittish Man,(typical) i run across an article on my dearly beloved Princess Diana, and then it hits me. Why just use American first lady's? Im takin this whole series international! So number 2 on the list of Fabulous Firsts, is the late great, Princess Di! (let me just point out that me and princess diana share the same birthday. im honored!)

Diana Frances Spencer, July 1, 1961– August 31, 1997)
Princess of Wales, wife to Prince Charles

Princess Diana is unarguably one of the most well dressed royalty of all time.
One thing i love about her, is that just like me, she was dress girl, and what makes it so much better, is that wore her dresses better than anyone around her. How many people could honestly hold a candle to this woman

This is one of my favorite looks of hers, making her appear more of a celebrity than European Royalty. The goddess dress detail at the waist gives Diana texture and draws attentions not to her waist, but the billowyness for the bottom of this gown, giving her the appearance of one floating or gliding, than simply walking.

I love the look Princess Di is giving in this photograph, mysterious and seductive, but very girl next door as well. The print of her jacket might very 90s but honestly, for that time period, Diana was one of the best dressed, and probably still would be to this day. Although you cant see what she has on the bottom, i can only imagine a matching pencil skirt to the jacket, nude stockings, and a black pump. Remember ladies, simplicity is key.

Dont make the mistake and assume that because Diana was royalty, her closet was bland and full of muted tones and conservative ball gowns and skirt suits. You would be wrong. So, so wrong. This dress, while carrying somewhat of a lowcut, is still classy the way Diana manages to show just the right amount of skin. The gown itself fits, and is not snug, notice the difference. Her choice of jewelry is also what makes Diana wear the dress, not the other way around. There's no excess bracelets, gaudy diamond necklaces, and no huge hoop earrings. Because she wears no neck jewelry, all the attention of the eye is drawn to an elongated neckline, showing grace and style, and the simple earrings provide the right amount of glamour for what ever the occasion may be. gotta love it.
Every woman has to have essentials in her closet. Some type of suit is one. Whether it be black, navy, cream, or gray, a pants suit, skirt suit, or even a dress suit is wise to own, who knows when you might have to jam ;) Diana pulls off a simple cream skirt suit, in professional fashion. The suit is of course bespoke, and perfect for her body shape, and how could you miss those pumps? Classy, professional, yet still giving the whole business tire a fun spin. (fyi, the shoes are Chanel..hmm...fierce)

Hey look, Mother Teresa! Couture and Conscious.
i love it.

i love this picture, it reminds me of the simplicity of what beauty is. the human being in a natural state, smiling care-free, and simply enjoying life for what it is, no matter where things turn to.

oh yeah, i love this dress too...i think it's the buttons in the front detail of the diagonal fabric, it's very Galliano for the time.

The Essential Clutch Purse.
Perfect for special occasions.
i repeat, PERFECT for special occasions.
Ladies..i love my hobo bags but honestly, you cant take them everywhere!!
One other note, Diana knows that a high neckline doesnt require jewelry, im tired of seeing halter tops and necklaces!

Once again..the perfect amount of skin.
Watch and learn girls. Watch and learn.

In all honesty, what is there not to love about THE premiere first lady of 90s fashion. She was a global icon of what every little girl wanted to be, white, black, asian, hispanic. Every little girl looked up to and wanted to be like Princess Diana.

In closing is my favorite picture of the late princess. One of Diana at her finest, doing what no one can deny is one of the easiest ways to express human emotion. Dancing. With John Travolta no less. Diana is one of my fashion icons simply for her well-roundedness. She was not only a princess and fashionista, but a mother, and a daughter. One known for her world activism and charm. Cosmopolitan and all, Diana was still nothing more than a woman. Which is exactly what i am, and something i am glad to be.
Stay Gold.
britt. TISH man.


First Lady: Jacki OOOOOO!

Okay so a few weeks ago i said i was gonna blog about all the the Fashionable First Ladies aka the Fabulous Firsts, and so im kicking it off with the ever so gorgeous and ever so lovely, Jackie Kennedy. Everyone knows that Jacki O is one of the most famous first lady's and therefore it seemed right to start the list off right with her.
Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (July 28, 1929–May 19, 1994)
First Lady to John F. Kennedy, 1961-1963.

I have this thing about Jackie's personality, like maybe, the way she felt reflected in her wardrobe. As if she chose every dress, every cardigan, and every pair of gloves to represent the mood she was in. She didnt just throw on something that a stylist had picked out for her, she seemed to have carefully chosen everything for how she really was. That's what this dress for me, it's just Jackie at her finest.

With such charming clothes, a charming personality must follow, and this picture is the epitome of lady-like qualities. Her dress, while conservative and appropriate, is given a bit of elegance with the long gloves she's wearing, aallowing her to give of an aura of declicacy, and feminine class.

(Note: Ladies, showing so cleavage is so extra, notice the way the men have gravitated closer to her without one glimspe of unneeded skin).

I cannot tell a lie. i am biased and a fan of the everyday (or almost everyday) dress-wearer. You've heard of bespoke suits? Well, Jackie seemed like she had a seamstress on hand for her bespoke dresses. This vintage print is typical of the time and honestly, if the dress were cut and sewn into a style of this era, i'm pretty sure people would wear it. i ,however, wouldve saved the trouble and worn it exactly the way Jackie has it here, the high neckline makes jewelry unneccessary and unflattering if one were to add any, however, notice the sunglasses in Jackie's hand, letting you know that not only was the girl classy, but very, very cool.

Pretty in pink.
and gloves.
Need i say more?

Not too many people can pull of a cape. Jackie, however, did it in style. Something like a cape has to be at the perfect occasion and time. You cant just wear a cape because its Friday. You'll look silly. Presidential dinners, weddings, and fashion shows are cape time. Get it right. Another thing i love about the Kennedy's is that they complemented eachother so well. Jackie never outdressed John and vice versa.

They were the definition of the fashionable power couple of the 60s, and really seemed more like a Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie than a Bill and Hillary. Of course they were the youngest couple in office but they were just so classic. John in his his perfectly tailored Brooks Brothers' suits and Jackie in her famous long gloves. Graceful and elegant,
fashionwise, they are what i aspire to be one of these days.

Jackie did relax every now and then, with a comfortable Ivy League type look of khaki capris, flats, a solid button down, and that classic and timeless V-Neck Cardigan. All managing to look conservative as well as Cool.

Jackie O is definitely the epitome of Lady-Like Cool, something every budding fashionista to aim to be. Classic and Current at the very same time...

And always with a pair of sunglasses on hand.

She was really the queen of sunglasses, like a said, an ESSENTIAL accessory for every girl. Stylish and Savvy, i still wonder how Jackie managed to do it everyday.

Did you think upturned collars was a new trend that Kanye West started? Please refer to James Dean if necessary, he started the trend in men. Jackie did it for the ladies.

In Closing, i had to include this picture of Jackie, natural, fresh, and young. Classy, cool, and elegant, beautiful, and glamorous. While tragedy would eventually strike, Jackie kept her composure, and any woman would, and continues to be a legend in the fashion world, and inspiration to us all. Thanks Jackie for your contribution to the fashion world, i wonder if you know how much it meant?

Stay Gold.

britt. TISH man. *stay tuned to see who the next Fabulous First will be*

1 4 th3 r0ad.....[read: One for the Road]

Hello Young World!
In the midst of hustle & bustle (is that how it's spelled?) I have just one burning question....

Are you willing to keep it simple?
Because really, how overdone ( & tired) is over-the-top?!....We need something new. As a matter of fact, we YEARN for it. [read: or at least, I do...]

So please dumb it down.
& feel free to apply your own interpretation.

1 Up,


Because i Love it...and her.

typically i wouldnt blog about a music artist who isnt m.i.a. but honestly, this girl deserves some credit.


ill admit it..im a fan of Amerie, and only within the past week have i become a HUGE fan of Amerie. You think Amerie and you remember that one song she had 3 summers ago, and of course her go-go inspired hit, "1 Thing". You think of music, not fashion right? right.

but youre wrong...so so wrong

After Amerie's release of her mixtape "Because I Love It:vol. 1" things got....crazy.

in a good way. here are a few favorites of why Amerie is my icon of the month!

I love this dress. i live for it. Empire waisted and looks like the tiers are just a sherbet rainbow. While i could live without the jacket, it serves its purpose. I also love Amerie's clean ponytail, dressing down the situation, a feathered and long hairstyle mightve been a been much.

And to your left...Amerie in a ...GAP DRESS.

GAP??? How do i know you ask? becuase i have the same dress in my closet. Girl looks FIERCE, in a simple way. i love it!

(get into the cheap and chic ya'll)

No...that aint Beyonce.

and we at tishalicious inc,
love a little highwaistedness,
and a lotta leg showing!

something my mom wouldve worn in 1974...

and probably what ill have on next week.

these legs are giving me so much tina turner its ridiculous! Another thing i like about Amerie is not only that she's gorgeous, but she seems genuinely likable.

This mod dress is absolutely gorgeous. simple. elegant. chic. etc...
And i wanna leave you with this last one...

Need I Say More?

Happy Spring! StayTrue.

britt. TISH man


making stuff x doing things: a collaboration...

So, spring break is here....or is it?!?! I find it hard to tell seeing as this dreary weather provides no signs of sunshine. I'm not going anywhere special [except work, if you'd like to count that]. The only relief that "break" seems to be boasting this time around is no classes...but heck, I still have dumb amounts of papers that will be due shortly upon my return to the hallowed educational institution, bills to pay & more importantly a future to forge...[& it's looming in the distance].

The rundown includes:
Catching up on some leisure reading
Buying a sewing machine (maybe....)
Drinking LOTS of decaffinated herbal tea & listening to jazz
Making $ to finance the dream
Updating the resume
Typing papers [yay]
Thrifting for treasures
& whatever else time allows...

So while I'm making stuff & doing things, I'm charging those who are both near & far to do the same & make good timing. Because like they say: time is a precious commodity & once it's gone, it's GONE!



You can't knock this...gotta be one with this!!

It's great to be alive...living....breathing...
The birthday is tomorrow, although I have made arrangements to celebrate live and in color all week...on the eve of my birthday, life seems fresh and new, & more simple.Year 22 signifies 365 days of completion and the exciting prospect of realized change.
22 is exciting.
22 is focused.
22 is dynamic.
22 is greatful beyond understanding.

22 is me....